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Why your next vacation should be in Cape Verde

Though you may be tempted to choose a popular spot for your next vacation, why not venture elsewhere? You could, for example, enjoy the trip of a lifetime in the island cluster of Cape Verde.

1. Cape Verdean culture
There’s nothing quite like experiencing local culture when on holiday, and there’s plenty of it to go around in Cape Verde. The people are a mix of African and European heritage, and when you visit, you’ll find that each island has a different and distinct feel. São Vicente for example is renowned for its love of music, and there’s plenty of cafés and bars where talented local musicians play most nights.

2. The beaches
Of course, a holiday to Cape Verde would not be complete without a beach day! There are more stretches of stunning coastline than we can count, but some of our favourites include Santa Maria Beach and Ponta Preta on Sal, Praia de Chaves on Boa Vista and Laginha beach in Mindelo, on São Vicente. This is just the beginning in this archipelago, so if you consider yourself a serious beach lover, Cape Verde is a fantastic choice. Discover beach holidays here.

3. The walking opportunities
The islands are full to the brim with walking trails for all abilities, due to magnificent mountains and towering volcanoes. Santo Antão, São Nicolau and Fogo are three of our favourite islands for a spot of walking, with Santo Antão and São Nicolau boasting impressive green mountains and deep ravines, and Fogo having a still-active volcano, where you can explore the crater and enjoy the panoramic views from the top. We offer all kinds of guided walks for any ability, so you don’t need to worry about anything apart from absorbing the scenery around you. Find out more about hotels which are ideal for walking holidays here.

4. The festivals
The summer months welcome some fantastic festivals in Cape Verde, with lots of celebrations, processions and music. Some examples include:

São Vicente’s Baia das Gatas Festival – August Full Moon – a music festival featuring many local bands and artists.

Boa Vista’s Santa Isabel (Municipality Day) – 4 July – Celebrating the patron saint of the island, Saint Isabel, with processions, swimming, a public ball and more.

Sal’s Santa Maria Festival/Municipality Day – 11 & 12 September – an annual music festival with live acts and lots of food and drink to enjoy.

Santiago’s Tabanka – June/July – a celebration of the liberation of the slaves.

Visit our festivals and music guide for more information.

5. Wildlife opportunities
During the summer, Cape Verde presents some interesting wildlife experiences, and not your average kind either. Certain beaches on Boa Vista and Maio are important nesting sites for loggerhead Turtles, and between the months of July and September, you can embark on evening excursions which show these turtles laying their eggs on the beach – certainly not your average day at the zoo!

There’s also lots of opportunity to explore beneath the waves in Cape Verde, so if you’re a keen diver, or just starting out, you can enjoy the plethora of marine life this archipelago has to offer.

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