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ThisDay Dome Events Center

The Dome is perfect for all occasions including but not limited to Weddings, Conferences, Banquet, Balls, Meetings, Exhibitions, Kiddies Parties, Beauty Pageant, Award parties. The perfect venue for your dream occasion to come true. Its expansive interior exudes charm, texture, originality and character. Its large, open and raw, yet at the same time, contemporary, clean and cozy. Vaulted ceilings give you room to breathe. The original Marquee walls give you a natural but urban feel that unique to any event space. And, with over 100 windows, there is abundant natural light to create an incredible ambiance. Celebrate long into the night under the soft glow of Star lights with 24 hour rental periods and dine on the delectable food from the caterer of your choosing. Welcome to the This Day Dome experience.


A Dome of exposed Marquee creating a warmth and originality unlike any other venue in Abuja -96 windows fill the space with natural light through all hours of the day. -Huge Rollup door allows the Abuja breeze to fill the venue. 6,000 square feet accommodates celebrations for 350+ guests or an intimate affair with 50 of your closest friends. -30 foot vaulted ceilings create an ambiance that is open, breathable and creates ample opportunity to string lights or hang chandeliers. This Venue accommodates all of your guests with FREE parking and easy access to everything Abuja has to offer.

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