Inflatable Travel Pillow

If you have a busy schedule when travelling for work then it’s especially important that you are able to use the time when you are flying for some well-needed rest. The best way to ensure inflight comfort is to invest in a small inflatable pillow, which you can put around your neck or fasten to the seatbelt, to ensure that your head is in as comfortable a position as possible for sleeping and that you won’t wake up with a stiff neck if you do manage to drop off. This is an essential business travel accessory if you want to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and well rested.

Size Of Full Inflation Size:
32x35x21 cm
12.59×17.77×8.26 inch
Storage Size Of Pillow:
20×16.5×6 cm
7.87×6.49×2.36 inch
black velvet ultra-soft surface, suitable for long-distance flight or driving,
unique neck support design, more convenient for folding travel;
Inflating method:
Pinch the bottom of the mouth with your hand and blow it with your mouth. When the air is full,

release your hand. The deflation is the same. This mouth has a self-sealing mouth. It is easy to find the method.2400024000

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