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Sellers Conference & Innovation Expo (SCIE) 2020  This is a gathering of sales enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and seasoned sales professionals from within and outside Nigeria. SCIE 2020 is a platform designed to avail professionals the opportunity to brainstorm and proffer ground-breaking solutions to challenges faced in the sales profession, especially in this age of dynamic disruptions by innovations. The sales profession must live up to its famed reputation as the ‘soul’ of every business.


  • Opportunity to learn new and useful strategies that
  • Gain points in Continuous Professional Development Programs.
  • Opportunity to become a member of a globally recognized professional sales organizations.
  • Networking opportunities

Date: 02 Apr 2020
Organizer: Autusbridge Consulting Ltd Nigeria

About NECA House Event Centre 

The NECA House Event Centre is a bespoke facility with eight tastefully furnished indoor auditorium, halls and rooms. The Centre hosts hundreds of events each year including product launches, weddings, seminars, Annual General Meetings, conferences, concerts and all manner social gatherings, and corporate meetings.Capacity without Tables: 600, while Capacity with Banquet Tables: 500. Suitable for social and corporate functions.


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